Engaging with clients with cross functional teams best suited to the client’s requirements, our consultants, designers and engineers bring their wide ranging experience from eCommerce to digital publishing to engagement games and advertising to bear.

The first question we might ask – “Do you really need an app?”. Get the essentials right. We love challenges – even when we’re challenging the brief! One of the biggest mistakes happening right now is that agencies rush to develop cool apps without making sure the essentials are in place. Look at your analytics – you’re probably getting more than 15% of your traffic from mobile. No wonder your conversion rates have dropped! A mobile optimised experience will convert much better.

Regardless, any strategy we define will be future proof, because the work done to get you mobile and social today, lays the groundwork for the new channels of tomorrow, from connected television to augmented reality.

Sometimes your business objectives might require an award winning prestige experience, at other times functionality and conversion is king. Steely Eye works with you to identify the perfect balance to meet your business goals.

Steely Eye’s three divisions offer strategy consulting on business exploitation of mobile and other emerging digital platforms, conceptual design of user interface and user experiences, and software engineering of websites and apps.