Tens of thousands of articles from Retail Week and 16 other Emap titles
Paywall for subscribers, supporting Google first click free
eReader functions such as night mode reading
Interactive image gallery on smartphones

The Brief

With mobile phone browsing the ideal way to kill time during a commute, titles like Emap’s b2b portfolio of trade magazines, from Retail Week and Nursing Times to Drapers and Architects’ Journal, need to be available for reading on the go, so you’re already up to date when arriving for that 9AM management meeting.

Steely Eye adapted Emap’s existing content publishing platform to recognise mobile visitors and, separating content from presentation at the source, allowing a mobile specific user experience to be served without any changes to the content authoring and editing workflow.

Integrating key features such as paywall support with Google first click free, and capable of serving mobile ads and site takeovers, the sites even feature a night reading mode, as found on eBook readers.

In all, 17 titles have been mobilised, with recent additions of interactive galleries for smartphones and support for the EU cookie directive being added in.