By including development in our core capability we are able, unlike many other digital agencies, able to bring a culture of disciplined software engineering to our clients’ projects.

We understand that everyone is responsible for quality, and that quality is meeting the customer’s requirements (both the stated and unstated ones!) At the same time, finding the perfect balance of quality, time and cost is essential, which is why we will tell you at the start if we think what you’re asking for is impossible, but always offer an alternative that can be.

Our best in class processes are honed from our development and project office teams’ years of experience working at top tier companies with strict
policies in place for:

Configuration management
Release management
Open Source usage
Information Security
Ticket management
Agile development practices
Test Driven Development

Our world-class developers live and breathe mobile code and programming – no matter what the mobile platform. They’ll build an end result as good as,
if not better than, the original concept. We understand the limitations and opportunities offered by different platforms. We’ll advise on what’s right for you in order to meet the business objectives.

“I don’t want lots of different agencies!” we hear you cry. We agree! Supporting multiple channels requires joined up thinking. Retaining different
agencies for each channel is asking for trouble, and only increases your overheads. We frequently design and develop ‘ordinary’ desktop websites for
out clients. And when we do, they have the added benefit of working perfectly across all platforms, browsers and devices.

Great client service with dedicated account management means you’re never left in the dark. We’re on time and on budget, and our rigorous processes
mean we deliver exactly what you wanted.

Experts at every stage of the process, Steely Eye won’t just develop a killer app or site and then hand it over. We advise and implement deployment and distribution to make sure your apps and sites end up used and loved by your customers.
Measuring results: success is not just about discreet downloads. Our statistical analysis measures the effectiveness of your apps and sites and
proves the return on investment it represents for your business.

Programming skills

Objective C, C, Qt and C++ (including Symbian C++ !)
Java including J2ME, BlackBerry Java and Android Java
ASP.Net and Windows Phone 7 using C# and Silverlight
Flash, AIR, Flex and ActionScript 3
Python, Ruby and the LAMP stack, include MySQL databases
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. Even Node.js!